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How to Prevent Drug Abuse Among Youth?

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Drug abuse is common among teenagers and adequate measures must be taken to free them from its effects.

In today’s generation, it is observed that the youngsters are more prone to drug abuse, violence and HIV/AIDs. The risks must be responded as quickly as possible before they become a problem. NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) aims at helping public understand the causes of drug abuse and prevent its onset. Drug abuse has serious consequences in homes, schools and communities. As per NIDAs perspective use of all illicit drugs and its inappropriate use are considered as drug abuse.

Teenagers always have interests in experimenting with different things. Mostly it is found that they are found indulging themselves in drugs to fit in or to gain friends. As a result they are unaware of the damage being made to them, which sometimes becomes life threatening.

Harmful consequences of drug abuse

Sometimes it is spotted that teenagers, in order to cope with their mental and emotional conditions, may abuse harmful substances. Some of the conditions may be temporary but the effects are lifetime like –

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Broken relationships with family/friends/romantic relationships
  • Poor health
  • Difficulty maintaining self-esteem
  • Grief, loss or trauma
  • Problems making friends and feeling isolated

When are the teens at more risk from addiction?

There are few teenagers who are found to be more at risk than others. They may fall in either of the following categories –

  • If teens struggling more from anxiety or depression are like to dabble to chemicals for quick relief

  • Transition from one school to the other may leave the teens isolated and stressed. To distract themselves from emotions they may sometimes intake drugs to distract themselves.

  • If a teen at the age of 16 tends to experiment with prescription opioids, he/she can develop a tolerance. If he/she becomes dependent then by the age of 20 he/she may develop a full-blown substance disorder.

  • If a teen has a family history of drug abuse, then the risk remains of him/her to become drug addicted.

  • Teens depending on opioids for chronic pain relief may also become addicted to it.

Treatment under the supervision of renowned Suboxone doctors Norton

As soon as you get to know about your child being drug abused, immediately visit any near-by clinic at Norton for speedy recovery. Experienced doctors with their teams are always ready to help you out. Suboxone doctors Norton will guide you throughout the treatment process so that the risk of drug addiction, abuse and side effects are reduced.

Suboxone is proved to be the best medication for treating any opioid addictions. During the intial stage of detoxification the patients goes into withdrawals. Physicians at Norton clinics are always there to help you in coping with the cravings for opiates and assist you during the painful withdrawal stage.

Suboxone must be always taken under the supervision of experienced doctors. An overdose can damage your liver or cause death. If you experience any of the symptoms like – nausea, pain in your upper stomach, itching, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, or jaundice, you must give a call your doctor without wasting any time.

Correct dosage of suboxone helps in –

  • Diminishing the urge for using opioid
  • Ensuring speedy recovery from drug abuse
  • Suppressing the symptoms for opioid withdrawal
  • Killing cravings for opioid

Don’t waste a second. Immediately visit the doctors to save your child as the misuse of any painkiller drugs can cause addiction, overdose and even death.

About Suboxone Doctors Norton

At Norton there are seasoned doctors and physicians who are dedicated to provide individualized treatment for men/women/youngsters who seek help to get rid of addictions to substances like – heroin or oxycodone. The doctors are trained enough and are certified to provide right dosage of medication based on the requirements and conditions of the patients.

The treatment process is very helpful as –

  • They allow the patients to focus on their recovery without painful withdrawal symptoms
  • Patients are encouraged in building a social support network
  • Right dosage is prescribed according to their needs
  • They scout through the patients entire drug and medical usage history
  • They try to bring behavioral changes

Preventive measures for teenage substance abuse

Families of teens do play an important role in preventive them drug abuse. Parents must speak with their kids and explain them about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. At a young age they must be made aware of the negativity of drug/alcohol and must teach them about the boundaries.

Parents must build trust with their kids specially a child who has reached an age of adolescence in order to make wise decisions regarding friends, habits, interests and influences. They must try and find out whether the child is going through any trauma or not because that is what may lead to drug abuse.

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