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Some Harmful Myth about Medication-Assisted Treatment You Should Know

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Despite over a decade of evidence in combating opioid addiction, there still lies harmful myths among the general public about MAT and how exactly does it help manage opioid addiction disorder. If you are planning for a MAT treatment under suboxone treatment doctors Norton, you must have come across a range of conflicting opinions.

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Investigating common myths about medication-assisted treatment may bring out some surprising facts. It will give you a more precise vision of what it means to start with MAT. 

How Exactly Does the Treatment Work?

Before diving deeper into the myths, it is essential to understand how this form of treatment works. The purpose of suboxone treatment centers Norton is to support patients to wean off opioid drugs. It includes both prescription and unlawful substances. It aims to avoid the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

At suboxone clinics, suboxone is prescribed under the MAT program. Buprenorphine is the main ingredient here which was approved for use in 2002 by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The compound here works with the opioid receptors in the brain. However, it doesn’t create a euphoric sensation.

The suboxone doctors prescribe medication at a therapeutic dose. Under the supervision of medical staff, it fulfills the brain’s craving for opioids, allowing individuals to retain day-to-day function. 

Common Myths About Suboxone  

There’s no shortage of opinion about its efficacy. Sadly many of them are based on unfounded myths. So, here we mention a few misconceptions you may come across from misinformed people.

Trading One Addiction for Another

The most popular myth that we hear from people here at suboxone treatment clinics Norton is about moving into the next addiction. Patients require taking their medication regularly and perhaps visiting a clinic. People have mistaken belief that taking medication like buprenorphine every day means you are addicted to it. 

People who stick to such a myth fail to understand the significance of opioid use disorder. If someone can stop taking drugs, it means the participant can minimize or eliminate cravings. Moreover, the medication facilitates the mental and emotional stability required for participating in other aspects of recovery.

Short-Term Treatment Process

Suboxone doctor Norton

Some people insist that MAT is ineffective as it’s a short-term treatment. Sublocade doctors generally don’t fit MAT into a 30- or 90-day box. It gives a better result when used as a long-term treatment. Buprenorphine treatment allows patients to remain on their medication for a long-term period. Interestingly, people who go for buprenorphine treatment can stay with it as long as the medication works for them. 

However, before the treatment proceeds, it’s wise to discuss with your suboxone doctors about the medication. Some people see success in a short while, and some may need more time. 

MAT Is Expensive

Even if you don’t avail of insurance, buprenorphine-based MAT is still a cost-effective therapy option for most people. According to NIDA, the following are the cost measures for treatment.

  • Buprenorphine: $115.00/week, including medication and twice, visits a certified opioid treatment program.
  • Methadone: $126 per week, including medication, counseling, and medical support services

In comparison to other option which comes with a heavy price, MAT is undoubtedly highly affordable.

What to Do When Considering For MAT?

With an absolute acknowledgment of the opioid use disorder treatment myth, you must have realized how good it to go for medication-assisted treatment is. Getting started means asking oneself for suboxone clinics near me

Find out the nearest suboxone doctors with the help of a local pharmacy, or perhaps seek “suboxone doctors near me” or “suboxone centers near me “on the web. You’re likely to come across a range of treatment centers. Further, you can also search for “sublocade near me.” Get treatment and help yourself or your near one and restore your life to normal. 

MAT with Us

Putting your first step is important. In fact, it’s a courageous decision, and you deserve the best treatment to get back to normal. We are a federally certified and licensed treatment center. We specialize in medication-assisted treatment and have been helping patients sober for a very long-time. 

If you are ready to get back to normal, call us today and seek our assistance.   

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